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Slumber Shades – Official Shade of the National Sleep Foundation

Comfortex Window Fashions has teamed up with The National Sleep foundation to bring us their SlumberShades.  These shades are available as blackout cellular shades and blackout roller shades.

Research shows the key to helping you get a good night’s sleep is a dark quiet room.   SlumberShades combine energy efficient and insulating blackout cellular shades and roller shades with sidetracks that seal and block out all the air and light around the window.  You’ll be amazed how dark the room becomes!  When installed correctly SlumberShades block 99% of all visible light.

Not only do these shades help you get the best sleep, they also increase the energy efficiency of your cellular shades or roller shades by sealing the air gaps around the window.

SlumberShades features:

  • Available as Cellular Shades or Roller Shades
  • A fuzzy top seal to block the light at the top of the shade
  • Energy saving blackout sidetracks
  • Standard shades
  • Top Down-Bottom Up cellular shades
  • Cordless Shades
  • Single or Double cellular fabrics
  • Persona custom fabrics





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