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woven wood shades

Natural Woven Wood Shades add a natural, modern look to your room.

Natural woven wood shades are simply elegant. The fabrics used are made from a colorful array of natural and man-made fibers that add beauty and texture, color and warmth to any room’s décor.

Woven wood shades filter the light rather than block it. They do provide daytime privacy, but for added privacy at night, a liner is recommended.


Natural Woven Wood Shades come in a variety of styles.  See the pictures and descriptions below.


Classic Woven Wood Shades

The shade hangs off the back of the headrail and raises in soft folds. When lowered completely, the material hangs flat. A standard 6-inch valance hangs off the front of the headrail concealing the shade’s hardware.


Hobbled Woven Wood Shades   

A classic look, these shades keeps the hobbled folds whether raised or lowered. Includes a standard 6 -inch valance to conceal the shade hardware.



Waterfall Woven Wood Shades

Shade is mounted to the front of the headrail, eliminating the need for a valance. With the Waterfall style, the controls are concealed behind the shade.  It lays flat when lowered and stacks neatly in folds when raised.


Twin Woven Wood Shades  

Combined in one unit, with a fashionable Natural Woven Shade in the front and a practical Roller Shade or a liner shade in the back.  Both shades operate independently, providing you with a woven wood shade that is great provides daytime light and beauty and privacy at night.

Vertical Folding Woven Wood Shades 

This versatile treatment can be used on a window like a drapery, on a patio door like a vertical blind or as a room divider.  A matching valance may also be added.


Drapery Panel Woven Wood Shades 

Great for large windows and doors, these natural woven wood side panel shades are hung from a drapery rod.  Available in ring clip style or grommet style shades.

Sliding Panel Woven Wood Shades 

These panel track shades combine the beauty of natural woven woods with the functionality of sliding panels.  These sliding panel shades are perfect for large windows and patio doors or even a room divider.




Woven wood shades are naturally light filtering window treatments.  There are so many designs and patterns and colors to choose from including natural fabrics such as bamboo, grass and jute.
A lining can be added to any shaded.  Great for controlling privacy.  Linings are available in both light filtering and black out in coordinating colors to compliment your woven wood shade.  All linings are white to the street for uniformity from the outside.  The linings operate separately and resemble a  roman shade when raised.

Options & Upgrades

Standard pull cord
Continuous cord loop
Top Down-Bottom Up
Twin Shades
Two or Three-On-One Head Rail (for large windows)
Fabric edge and inset edge bandings
Custom Valances
Decorative Trimmings
Arches and Specialty shapes


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