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cellular shades

Cellular Shades not only look great, they perform great.

The crisp clean pleats look great alone, or combined with coordinating window treatments. Cellular shades are often called honeycomb shades, and that honeycomb design provides increased energy efficiency and can even lower your overall utility bills year round.

We offer a number of hardware options, and cellular shades come in several specialty shapes as well, so fitting your window is easy. Cordless Cellular Shades are the best choice for safety when small children are present. Motorization allows a simple touch of a button to control the light. Cellular shades are available in a wide variety of cell sizes, fabrics, colors and even prints to customize your window treatment.


Double Cell Shades add more insulating power your windows. Available in 1/2″, 9/16″, 3/4″ pleats

Single Cell Shades are ideal for larger windows. Available in 3/8″, 7/16″ pleats

Double Cell Shade – Light Filtering

Double Cell Shade – Blackout

Single Cell Shade – Light Filtering












Fabrics & Styles

Cellular shade are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, prints and textures.  You can even design your own.  Choose from some of these popular options:


Light Filtering Cellular Shades

These fabrics allow the natural light into your room,  but maintain privacy. Perfect or any room in the house!

 Blackout Cellular Shades

These room darkening fabrics block out almost all of the natural light and maximize insulation with foil wrapped cells.  Blackout cellular shades are an ideal choice for bedrooms and media rooms.


Cellular Sliding Shades

A perfect match for your patio doors, large windows and room dividers.  Learn more about Cellular Vertical Sliding Shades 








Options & Upgrades

Standard pull cord
Continuous cord loop
Top Down-Bottom Up (availiable in standard cord or cordless)
Day/Night Shade
Two-On-One Head Rail (for large windows)
Designer Metallic Hardware (brushed nickel and bronze)
Skylight Shades
Arches & Specialty Shapes
Cellular Vertical Sliders

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