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Patio Door Blinds and Shades: Inspiration and Ideas

Patio doors are fantastic for natural light, and of course accessing your outdoor space. But when it comes to finding window treatments for patio doors, people don’t realize just how many options there are. It used to be that vertical blinds were the most popular, but as people see how many other options there are, they are opting for something more unique. Here are some ideas and some inspiration for your patio door blinds and shades.

Vertical Blinds

Patio Door Blinds

Vertical blinds were once the most popular choice for patio door blinds and shades. They control the light and help with the insulation of a room. They’re easy to open and close, and there is a large selection of material and fabric available.


Vertical Cellular Slider Shades

Patio Door Blinds

Cellular Sliders are a great choice for patio door blinds and shades, large windows and even room dividers. They are sleek and fashionable and they are also great for energy savings.


Panel Track Shades

Patio Door Blinds

Panel track shades are a stylish alternative to standard patio door blinds and shades, and you can match them with your room’s roller shades. Customize them with a pattern or leave them simple and modern.


Vertical Folding Woven Wood Shades

Patio Door Blinds

For a rustic look try these woven wood shades. They can be used like a drapery and you can also add a matching valance.


Sliding Panel Woven Wood Shades

Patio Door Blinds

The feel of woven wood shades with the functionality of sliding panels. Use these for your patio doors or even as a room divider.


Sheer Horizontal Shades

Patio Door Blinds

These sheer horizontal shades have a very soft look. There are some offered exclusively for french doors. They are versatile and easy to clean as well.


Pleated Shades

Patio Door Blinds

Pleated shades are a cost effective alternative to cellular shades. They come in many different fabrics and patterns, and go well in any room.


Standard Roller Shades

Patio Door Blinds and Shades

Patio door blinds and shades don’t have to be vertical. Standard roller shades are another great budget friendly option for patio doors. They easily go up and down and have great energy saving effects and light control.


Cellular Shades

Patio Door Blinds and Shades

Cellular shades are another great horizontal option for patio doors. Known for their energy savings, cellular shades are attractive, beneficial and cost effective.

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